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The following links will download plan, project manual, addenda and other *.pdf or *.zip information files for various projects for which we are planning on submitting a proposal. These links are protected and require a User ID and Password for access. Please use the contact us link to request login status. Login status is not guaranteed. Unauthorized access, use or misuse of this information or these files, is strictly prohibited. 

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Street Rehab Phase 2 — Lakewood Village — February 27, 2020

Street Rehab Phase 2 Plans

Street Rehab Phase 2 Project Manual


Glade Road Phase 2– Colleyville — March 3, 2020

Glade Road Phase 2 Plans

Glade Road Phase 2 Project Manual


US377 & Arvin Hill Int Imp– Denton County — March 12, 2020

US377 & Arvin Hill Int Imp Plans

US377 & Arvin Hill Int Imp Project Manual


Lakeshore, Martingale & Yacht Club– Oak Point — March 13, 2020

Lakeshore, Martingale & Yacht Club Plans

Lakeshore, Martingale & Yacht Club Project Manual




March 2020

Dallas County SH 352

Denton County FM2499

Hunt County FM2194

Parker County IH 20

Parker County VA

Van Zandt County CR (Alligator Creek)

Van Zandt County CR (Giladon Creek/Crooked Creek)


April 2020